Things You Must Think About Before Painting a Room

Here are the following things that you need to consider before you begin to paint your room: 


Priming is intended to seal the wall. This way, the base will be sufficient enough for the paint. This will minimize the painting’s cost. However, the walls will still have to be cleaned for particles and dust even after they are primed.  


The amount of paint you need is a vital thing to know. Having excess or running out of paint could be both an issue. For precise calculation, you have to consider the square footage. When your wall’s been primed, you’ll have to apply one coat. Otherwise, you will be needing two coats of paint.  

Change can be made 

Even after testing the color, and you just realize that you don’t want that color to be applied to your entire room, you can always change it. There are instances that the color will appear fine after testing in on a small part of the surface but gets a bit too much after the walls are totally covered by it. If unsure, never think twice to change it.  


Usually, people refuse to use bright colors since they are afraid of what color will bring out. As you paint your room, do not prevent any color. Instead, keep this in mind, if you’ve got a big room, opt for dark colors because they can give some depth to space. On the other hand, choose light colors if you have a smaller room to make it appear larger.  


It’s better to have the room prepared to be painted later on. There should never be any item or furniture in the way so that the painting task will be easy to do. Use sheets or newspaper to cover doorknobs, furniture, and things such as these to prevent them from being unnecessarily colored.  

Take a sample of the color that you would like to use and paint a small part of any surface. Allow it to dry and notice its color in both nightlight and daylight and then decide if you would like it to be painted in your entire room or not.  

 Brushing or rolling 

Always make sure to brush the corners first. This way, the rough mark will be left due to the brush can be smoothed using the rollers. This hack can surely help you save plenty of your time. Moreover, it causes your paint to be perfect.  


Choosing the finish material is perhaps the most crucial step to do. High gloss paint finishes are a great option if you’re aiming for durability. In fact, they can be cleaned easily. However, they can bring out the flaws of your wall. Meanwhile, flat paints will do otherwise to that. Hence, the best combination would be the eggshell finish.  

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